Sound Trax by Player One

A music studio for composing tunes. Sound Trax contains a tracker, sequencer, machine linker, effects editor and instrument library. Everything needed in a digital audio workstation to record professional soundtracks!
Play notes with alphanumeric keys (or a plugged-in MIDI keyboard), and optionally a gamepad for pedal & mixer effects. There are no limitations on the number of channels, instruments, effects or wiring, other than computer power.
Songs contain 4 elements:
Patterns - musical notes and effect commands for one instrument.
Instruments - synths, orchestral samples and effects.
Sequence - patterns are placed in tracks, creating a symphony of machines.
Machines - wire generators and effects together.
Sound Trax is a web app: it runs inside a browser and offline.
The interface has been stripped down to the bare essentials, and the frustrating complexity of most DAW apps has been eliminated. See only what is important, without banks of ambiguous knobs and sliders everywhere. The tracker is not a matrix of numbers, but now a simpler table of colur-coded notes with instrument icons, and visual effects. The sequencer expands and contracts depending on the number of tracks present at a given time. Machine wiring is semi-automatic. Everything is in its right place.
Files are saved in the Jsong format - simply a zip file containing the score & machine data (in a JSON text file), plus optional instrument samples (mp3/ogg etc.)
Usage is subject to these terms; gratuity is gratefully received.

Thanks to Karsten Obarski, Oskari Tammelin, Supersero, Frank Force, Jason Champion, Aphex Twin, Art of Noise, Bolt Thrower, Capo, David Whittaker, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Hydecore, Innovate, Joker's Daughter, Jugi, Kate Bush, Lexo, Paul van der Valk, Phat Harry, Spartacus Rex, Vangelis.
Sound Trax aims to outperform SunVox, Renoise, MadTracker, OpenMPT, BassoonTracker and Buzz. A mod importer enables you to load Soundtracker/Protracker/MilkyTracker music modules. This webapp is powered by Meta-OS.
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Keyboard, Commands and Shortcuts

Press to play and ■ to stop. Right-click to loop the current pattern.
The ⚫️ button enables and disables editing of the song.
Right-click ⚫️ to activate recording mode, then press , and eventually ■ to generate and save an audio file (most of the interface is disabled when recording, to prevent stutter).
+ / - octave up / down.
Drag the central ✤ to resize the 4 main elements.
Connect a MIDI keyboard on a Web MIDI-enabled browser and you can enter pressure-sensitive notes, and adjust pitch and pan, using your musical keyboard.


Click to select a note. Hold to hear note with effects applied. 🎵+ adds effects.
Right-click to initiate actions.
Click and drag to select pattern data, then right-click or Ctrl-X/C/V to cut/copy/paste.
Arrow keys move around the pattern. F6 - F9, and PageUp/Pagedown jump around the pattern.
Generators: Use the alphanumeric rows of the keyboard for musical notes: Z = C-0; ] = G-2.
Effects: Type a value with numeric keys and press Enter, or use the alphabet keys (and ; ' [ ] #) to input values: Z = minimum value; k = median value; # = maximum value.
Escape enters/leaves edit mode. In edit mode,
Space clears the current note. Enter commands the note to sustain. Backspace commands the note to cut. Insert and Delete add or remove a beat at the cursor position; hold Shift to affect all channels.
Middle-mouse (un)mutes current channel.
Alt-<key>: make this key issue a clone of the current square, instead of playing a regular note (on an empty square this resets the key to default)


Click to select play position. Click on track to view its pattern.
Enter moves a track forward, Backspace moves it back.
Delete removes selected track from the sequence.
Insert moves all following tracks forward one beat (hold Shift to move them backwards).
Use Arrow keys, PageUp & PageDown to jump around the sequence.
Shift + Arrow Up / Down moves to top / bottom of selected track.
Right-click tracks to replace them, or transpose (change the pitch of the track).
Alt + Arrow Up / Down resizes current track.
Set start and repeat points with Home & End.


Band: choose from current band members by their icon.
Use 👀 to customize an instrument's parameters, and the top right button to choose its icon.
PageUp & PageDown switch instruments.
Machine: Arrow keys change selected slider values. Attach a game controller, access machine sliders, then map parameters to different joystick directions and triggers.
Tweak: input individual effect values via 🎵+ (in the pattern editor), or use the mouse to paint effect values for the whole pattern.
Orchestra: Choose the orchestral section from the top bar: current band members (square button), and grouped sections.
Once a section is chosen, instruments in that section become selectable.
Cloud button uploads a sound sample which can join the band.


Tracker is the best machine to begin with. Play a variety of instuments on the keyboard, both sampled and synthesized.
Drag from input to output to connect or disconnect a pair of machines.
Right-click a machine to create a new pattern, or to re-wire it.
Multi-function effects like Panfun and Imploder combine similar algorithms.

Sound Trax

web music sequencer digital audio workstation

Load Edit


🎼 Begin

Random Tune

Play an oldskool module from the library


Right-click on notes, tracks and machines to reveal useful actions.
Click on the pattern editor, then use the keyboard to play notes.
Remember to turn
edit mode on!
With a gamepad, connect 🎮 joysticks, buttons & triggers to machine sliders, enabling crossfader-style live performances.
Rename saved .jsong files to have a .zip extension to look inside them.
Firstly: drum a good beat, lay down a bass track, then add some effects.
Click and drag in the pattern editor to select multiple notes. If the start and end notes contain effect values, right-click on the selection and smoothly transition the effect with interpolate values.
Be pure. Be vigilant. Behave.
For interface options, click the top-right button.
Turn off
edit mode in order to watch song lyrics and ◄ ▲ ▼ ► dance moves. Create these by adding a Master track
Shift-click sequence tracks to select more than one at a time
For flange: connect a generator to Panfun, connect them both to an output, set Panfun loudness to -100, and then play with the flange.

Saved Songs

Song info


patterns; tracks.