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Powered by Meta-OS, the fastest web framework in cyberspace.

Free from all 3rd-party code - no MAGAF (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook) infections here!

Gang Town gives you back the web.

Want to leave Hotmail, Facebook, or Twitter?
Use our combined e-mail, groups, tasks, events, and messaging!

Want your own Skype, TikTok, Dropbox, or Pintrest?
Access multimedia instant chat, and documents, with our multi-format shared files browser.

Want to build an Ebay, YouTube or Daily Mail?
There's a market, stock control and business intelligence, audio/video/slideshow player, image editor and article publisher built in...

Yes, it can match everything social media websites tout.
What's interesting is that it's got what you haven't thought of too.

All of the above function together seamlessly, inside one app, usable even on small screens.

It all fits in a bundle ten times smaller than standard frameworks, thanks to fantastic engineering. Consequently, it can handle big data and graphics at amazing speed.
But the key is multidimensonal navigation, never seen before in a computer interface. It truly is the next generation of interaction, such is its unique simplicity.
The live demos below are a perfect example of reduced complexity: they perform as the help documentation, and the testing suite for developers as well :)

Live Demos

Example Apps

A selection of software that plugs right in.

Font Well   Sound ♫ Track   Euromap   Vector Art beta   File Commander

Everything is going extremely well.